Pepper is a smart kitchen scale that simplifies how you plan, log, and understand your nutrition.

Amazon Alexa built-in

"Alexa, measure 300 calories of white rice."

Cooking will never be easier.

step by step.png

Hands-free with Alexa.

Pepper guides you through managing your nutrition all through voice, so your hands can focus on what’s important – the food you’re making.

Throw out your measuring cups.

weigh by anything.png

Pepper's weighing technology allows for any ingredient to be measured by simply pouring it into a bowl. Recipe calls for two cups of flour? Or 300 grams of sugar? Just pour your ingredients and allow Pepper to measure in real time. 

"Alexa, measure 2 cups of oatmeal"

"Alexa, measure 1/2 cup of blueberries."

Know exactly what you're eating.


Portion any ingredient by any nutrient.

Pepper's weighing technology empowers you to measure your food by any nutrient. Want 200 calories of oatmeal for breakfast? Trying to cut down on sugar? Pepper can help.

"Alexa, measure strip steak in calories."

"Alexa, measure white rice in carbs."

Built for the kitchen.

built for kitchen.png

Designed for mess.

Pepper is designed for the mess of food preparation. The simple design makes Pepper resilient to spills and as easy to clean as wiping down the counter.

smart home.png

Works with your smart home.

Pepper works like every Alexa because it is Alexa. You can unlock your door, turn on the lights, and change the music, just as you normally would.