Pepper lgo

Track your nutrition

without the touch

of a button

From calories to macros, log

and track your food 90% faster than any app on the market.

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It’s your personal dietician, your calorie counter, your macros calculator, your sous chef, and so much more.

Pepper isn't a scale

Step 1:

Say what you're measuring

Pepper has Alexa built-in. Just say:

"Alexa, this is grilled chicken"


No more endlessly searching through an app to find what you ate.

Step 2:

Add your food

Put your food right on Pepper and wait for the chime. That’s it!


Pepper takes the guesswork out

of measuring.

Step 3:

Log your nutrition instantly!

Pepper automatically logs your nutrition to the Pepper app, so you can track your progress and get insights at any time.


It's your nutrition, simplified.

Take control of your fitness.


View and track your macros in real-time.
Automatic nutrition-logging to your phone.

Customize what you track from 150 nutrients.

Track over 10,000 food items by voice.

Analyze & gain insights into your nutrition.

"Alexa, measure goat cheese by calories."

Limited quantities available

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