Simplified nutrition.

Through the power of voice.

Amazon Alexa built-in

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A personal nutritionist -

right on your kitchen counter.

Pepper is a nutrition management solution that makes planning, logging, and understanding what you eat, effortless.

"Alexa, measure goat cheese by calories."

Lose weight. Tone up. Control your diet. Get healthy. 

  • Over 10,000 food items accessed instantly by voice.

  • Weigh directly in over 150 nutrients. Carbs, protein, fat, calories, macros, etc. 

  • 90% faster than any nutrition tracking app

  • Instantly convert and weigh directly in any cooking unit. (cups, grams.)

  • Hands-free step-by-step recipes from nutrition and fitness experts.

  • Track only the nutrients that matter to you.

  • Instant food logging and tracking. Never look things up manually again!

  • Wi-Fi connected means you don't need your phone in the kitchen.

Meet Pepper.

With Amazon Alexa built-in, Pepper guides you through everything from making delicious healthy food at home to managing your nutrition. Pepper’s weighing technology allows you to convert, weigh, calculate, and log what you eat with minimal effort.

Powerful nutrition management.

Pepper knows the nutrition value of every ingredient, enabling you to measure the nutrition in foods and portion accordingly. Want to snack on 200 calories of almonds? Watching your sodium and sugar intake? Pepper can help.

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